Posted by on May 30, 2016

Time to change

We have been waiting long to change our site, because there is never enough time and lack of new ideas.
Our previous page was greeted with a warm welcome, so it was more difficult to decide to change it.
But the time is running so fast and all of us has finally grown up.
We are not going to write such obvious things as what we do, especially because of the fact that only professionals visit our site.
However, if some people lose their way here, let them guess. :-)
We will not write, what wonderful trucks and fantastic trailers we have, becasue the majority of our competitors have exactly the same.
We will not write, what we carry, becasue professionals know and others will guess....I believe.
We will not post what are our destinations, because we go everywhere, even to Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.
The only thing worth writing is about the people working in our company. For over 20 years of our bussiness we've had countless number of employees, especially drivers.
Some of them we remember with fondness and some of them is better to forget :)
From retrospect, however, we can say that today we have the optimal team. The office is interwined with long experience, youthful creativity and women's optimism.
The only thing that dominates in our vehicles is experience - as youthful fantasy somehow does not fit into this profession.
Each of our drivers is a unique individual, and each is strongly associated with the company (by no means the cash assistance and loan).
Romek - the driver, who sat behind the wheel of our first car more than 20 years ago, is still working in QUATRO.
It is difficult to judge each individual, but we can honestly say that we are proud of them all.
The best proof of customers' satisfaction is another order and some of our clients have been working with us for almost 20 years.
We want to thank them especially for trust and we hope that we'll go through next years together.


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